Interesting Stats

Though metrics aren’t my specialty, I find web site statistics quite interesting. Service Untitled site uses three (now four) separate statistic programs. One is provided by our web host (server level), another is the very commonly used Google Analytics, the other is 103bees (I use it to monitor searches), and finally, the last one is called Reinvigorate, which I only started using the other day.

I was browsing through Google Analytic’s stats today and came across the section that lists the networks of my visitors. Large companies have their own networks, so from looking at the list, I can tell employees from these companies have been reading Service Untitled over the last week:

  • Verizon
  • CarMax
  • Porter Novelli (HP’s PR firm)
  • Dell Computer
  • PGM Inc (a survey firm)
  • Communico (they wrote How to Talk to Customers)
  • 24 Hour Fitness
  • Interland (a web hosting company)
  • Precision Response Corp (another survey firm)
  • Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research
  • TGV Software
  • The Mayo Clinic
  • Grey Advertising
  • Solers (software for defense industry company)
  • Nordstrom
  • AARP
  • Harper Macleod (Scottish law firm)
  • Raecom (software company)
  • National City Corporation (bank)
  • and lots of others.

It’s interesting to see how varied the readers of Service Untitled are. This only represents readers from large companies. On a different list, there are quite a few other companies and surprisingly, a lot of government organizations.

Oh, and Service Untitled’s readers are very much Windows users. 94.5% of the site’s visitors use Windows. 4.6% use Macs.

Just some information/stats that I thought you might find interesting. The more I know about the readers, the more I can tailor posts to specific interests and industries.

As always, feel free to provide your comments, suggestions, etc. It doesn’t matter who you work for – I’d love to hear from you.