PayPal Makes It Easy

I got an email from PayPal the other day letting me know that my PayPal debit card was going to expire soon and that they were going to send a new card to the address I had listed on my account. If the address wasn’t correct, they said, I had seven days to get it correct and they would then send the card out.

The experience was about as good as it could have been. PayPal told me what had happened (card expiring), what I needed to do (nothing if the address they listed was correct), and what would happen if I did nothing (they’d send a new card to the address). They also included my address in the email so I didn’t have to login and check if it was the right address and they gave me plenty of time to act on what they said in case there was a problem.

My experience with PayPal was a great example of seamless service done right. For PayPal, the process was entirely automated and didn’t cost them a thing (it probably saves them money by reducing the numbers of cards sent to the wrong address). If your company has processes similar to a situation where a credit card expires, look into automating and improving the processes as much as possible. It’ll be worth the time and financial investment.