Rapid Growth: Conclusion

I’m going to finish up the series on rapid growth today. It has been interesting and will definitely be something that I will talk about again. I wanted to talk about a bit more, but will kind of throw a bit about everything into this post.

Rapid growth is usually not a good time to start messing with new technology. Hopefully, by the time you are in rapid growth you already have most of the technology you need up and running. However, here are some things to think about improving or implementing as you grow:

  • Helpdesks and email applications
  • Phone systems
  • Web sites (may need to get more resources, implement some new technology)
  • Collaboration and project management software (good to implement if you don’t already have it)
  • Billing and CRM applications
  • etc.

Most of these applications have to get larger and more powerful as your company gets bigger. Ensure they are able to do this (called scaling, usually) and that you continually test all of them. If you get complaints from customers or employees, try and work with the maker or whoever your contact is to resolve them.

Procedures are extremely important, especially during rapid growth times. You should have solid, well tested, and hopefully efficient procedures for things like hiring, training, purchasing, compensation changes (raises, bonuses), project approval, etc.

Operating procedures will help everyone use their time more efficiently. It will be clear who has to do what, why they have to do it, and what is involved with doing it. Less questions, more work being done.

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