Some quick posts.

Today is a series of quick posts that will make up one average post.

All About No: When and How to Say it
In looking at stats, I notice a lot of people are curious about when and how to say no. Luckily, I wrote about that back in February of this year. Here is the link about when and how to say no. The main point is to come up with alternative solutions instead of flat out saying no.

On etiquette.
While we are on the subject of etiquette, check out the entire category devoted to here at Service Untitled. For a more narrow focus of what not to say, check out the “Big List of Things Not to Say.” I’d consider it a must read.

Spa customer service and outsourcing?
Another reader asked if spa customer service can be outsourced. Sure it can! Almost any process can be outsourced. Some things that spas could do:

  • Outsource incoming telephone calls and appointments
  • Have another company remind customers about appointments
  • Outsourced sales
  • Have a “concierge” service made up out of outsourced employees

Keep in mind that the term outsourced does not necessarily mean people in a place like India. It just means a particular task or process is sent to a third party company. An outsourced firm could be in India or Iowa. When a task or process is sent overseas, that’s called offshoring.

The drone script.
I was shopping at Gap today. Overall, it was a decent customer service experience. I was helped quickly and was pleasantly surprised to see that I was not treated like a shoplifter when I went to try something on (no numbers or person guarding the doors). When I went to checkout, the guy had his script:

  • Were you able to find everything today?
  • Would you like a Gap blah [No!] blah save 1000% card? (I said no as he said Gap card and he finished his little speech anyways.)
  • Would you like your receipt or would you like it in the bag?

Pretty boring when representatives use the drone script as I call it. Be original (and genuine)! This is why operating procedures are better than scripts.

My pleasure!
I asked for a straw as I was walking my the Chick-fil-A in my local mall. I said thanks and the lady came out with a genuine “My pleasure!” I’ve been pretty impressed with that Chick-fil-A’s customer service (have never been to any others). They seem to do things right and it definitely shows.

Needless to say, the Chick-fil-A is always really busy. The other places – not nearly as much. I’d like to think it’s the service, but I’m sure the food being good (maybe not for you) helps.

How was that? I got to cover 5 things in one post. Maybe I should start a new category and call it Customer Service ADHD?