Using Complaints to Your Advantage

If you can’t think of a way to use complaints to your advantage, you need to think harder. There’s countless ways to use complaints your company receives to your advantage.

Find Things That Need Fixing
Getting a lot of complaints about your technical support department? Then, it needs fixing. Some things to consider:

  • You may more and/or better technical support employees.
  • Your employees may need more training before starting to answer customers’ questions.
  • The process your customers have to go through to submit technical support inquires may be too complicated.
  • Time to hire someone to improve your technical support department – whether it be a customer service consultant or new department manager.

From the actual complaints you’re getting, you’ll get a good idea of what exactly has to be improved. Then, if you think about it, the ways to fix the problem may not be so far off.

If you are receiving complaints about a specific issue that is found in all departments of your company, it may be time to consider other options as well. For example, if customers complain about frequent service outages, you may need to:

  • Improve or add additional infrastructure
  • Hire (additional) or better administrators dedicated to preventing downtime
  • Have better plans and systems in place to handle downtime

Is it worth it?
The question to ask yourself when deciding if it’s worth investing time, money, and other resources is: “Is this issue as a whole really causing us to lose customers and our reputation?” If your reputation is going down hill and you’re losing customers, it’s time to address complaints.

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