Wachovia delivers positive customer service

wachoviaEvery bank gets their fair share of criticism. When Wachovia and First Union merged, they became one of the largest personal and business banks in the US. In December, 2008 Wells Fargo stepped in after the government forced the sale to avoid the failure of Wachovia. The final merger of Wachovia Securities to become Wells Fargo Advisors with the new branding is expected to be completed shortly.

The Wachovia branch in the subdivision of Abacoa in Jupiter, Florida knows how to build new cooperative and collaborative relationships with customers. Since consumers now can choose from a bank on nearly every corner, what sets a particular branch apart from another? Enlightened consumers have an infinite amount of choices.

Nearly every bank offers full services including checking, savings, loans, certificates of deposits, credit cards, brokerage services, etc. Almost all banks provide paperless services, online payment centers, call centers with English speaking representatives, and comprehensive websites with dozens of services, but the difference in local branches is the relationship bank employees build with local residents.

Up until a few weeks ago, I had never been to a Wachovia Bank, but special circumstances for an ailing relative brought me there. The Service Manager, Brandi immediately greeted me at the kiosk in the center of the lobby and was able to direct me to the financial specialist who could handle my  special banking needs. Admittedly, I had to wait a considerable amount of time and that was a legitimate complaint, but once I met with the representative, the transactions were effortless and efficient. When I was leaving, Brandi even asked me if my banking needs had been met to my satisfaction. Within a week, I had to make some more changes to this specialized account and returned to the bank; again a friendly and smiling Olinda greeted me at the kiosk. Senior Financial Specialist, Fred C. made changes for me, remembered my name and has gone out of his way to accommodate the special needs of my situation.

It can take weeks or months to find and maintain a good customer, but a satisfied customer brings in more business. Of all the banks in my area, the exceptional personal touch by the employees made a profound difference. Their service quality and operational efficiency with  improved data information services made my experience that much quicker. Their ability to immediately contact their legal department to help me set up the account correctly gave me the confidence I was not able to find at another financial institution earlier in the day. My congratulations to a team of professionals for going that extra mile for customers.

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