What to do on a slow day.

Every now and then your company will experience something that every rapidly growing company hopes and prays for: a slow day. A day when the phones aren’t ringing off the hook, the servers aren’t crashing, and things are relatively calm and relaxing.

Even though these days are rare, when they do occur, should be cherished. And with that in mind, there are certainly productive things that can be done during a slow day.

Coach employees.
As long as things aren’t completely dead, coaching employees before, during, and after their phone calls or emails is a perfect way to pass the time. Supervisors can listen in on calls and provide constructive feedback to the employee immediately afterwards. Even if isn’t time for the employee’s formal quarterly review, informal coaching can be helpful and valuable.

Improve documentation. You know all those FAQs, tutorials, explanations, and things of that nature? Chances are, at least a few of them need updating. Use your down time to go through the documentation you provide (both internal and external) and make sure it is up to date.

Get ahead. This varies by company, but most companies have some sort of tasks that can be done to help get the support department ahead in some way. Slow days are a great time to get started on audits, monthly invoices, etc.

Try other tasks. Some companies will use their slow days to have phone people do email support or have programmers work with customer service representatives on day-to-day support (or vice versa). Slow days are a great time to expose people to things they may not have an opportunity to do everyday. (See some of my other posts on cross training.)

What do you do on slow days?

4 Responses to “What to do on a slow day.”

  1. elevator said:

    Mar 30, 09 at 5:01 am

    good idea

  2. Marie said:

    Mar 30, 09 at 6:38 pm

    Read. You know you have a couple of white papers or newsletters piled up in your inbox that have been waiting patiently. Take an hour or two out of your day to simply read. While catching up on great information, it’s also pretty refreshing.

    Great post, great ideas!

  3. Adesh Sidhu said:

    Apr 05, 09 at 1:44 pm

    Learn new skills like excel and HTML.

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